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AvP SaveGame Patch (Mac OS X)

Use this Patcher to get an infinite number of saved games in Aliens vs. Predator™ from Fox Interactive/MacPlay. Usually you are only allowed to save three times during a whole episode. In "Realistic" difficulty the game is a lot of fun but because of the speed quite hard to finish. So repeating the same part over and over again is a real pain.

By the way: Fox Interactive seems to have noticed this too: In Aliens vs. Predator 2 you can save as often as you wish. Do I have to say more?

Version 1.0
882 k



The patcher was tested with Aliens vs. Predator Version 1.0.9 (you need this Update to run the game on OS X). It could possibly work on Classic too but it has not been tested.

Attention: Don't use the patcher in the last episode "Hangar" since the save file has another content there. Don't panic, you won't need more than 3 saves because it's a very short episode with one room only.

Hint: The OS X version of the game has some bugs that let it crash sometimes. That's not the fault of the SaveGame Patcher. Just start up the Classic version of the game inside the Classic Subsystem (let the patcher do it's job in the background). It's a little bit slower but it doesn't ever crash.


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AvP Bonus Missions

The following file allows you to play all the Bonus Missions (e.g. "Alien Bonus V: Fury 161") in Aliens vs. Predator. It's a profile that was finished entirely on the hardest difficulty "Director's Cut". This unlocks all bonus missions.

Download Director's Cut Profile
Version 1
1 k

Instructions: Unstuff it with Stuffit Expander and copy the .prf file into the folder "User Profiles" beneath the game application. When you start up the game a new profile "Director's Cut" with all Bonus Missions available should appear. Maybe you have to adapt some key controls etc. to your personal preferences.



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