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Rename multiple Files in Windows


Probably every Windows user has had the task of renaming several files. In the system itself there is no way to do this in a simple way. That's why a sophisticated function has been built into Mighty Desktop. Don't worry, it's free (freemium). Proceed as follows:

  1. Download Mighty Desktop from here and install it. Note: If it doesn't start, you need to add it as an exception to Microsoft SmartScreen as described on this page.

  2. Highlight the files you want to rename and right click on them, then click "Mighty Desktop->Rename...". This also works with folders. This will add the items to the list in the File Renamer tab. You can even rename items from different folders at the same time if necessary.

  3. Now you have various options on what you want to rename and how. You can do a find/replace, or just delete, move, swap characters, or do other common conversions like change upper/lower case, assign numbers, and more. You don't have to be afraid of making mistakes either, since you can easily undo all the renaming you've done by pressing a button, and this even after you closed and restarted Mighty Desktop.
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