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Permanently remove warts



How do you remove warts so they won't come back?


There are many texts in the net, but hardly anyone has said the most important thing. Here I give you my recipe, which has been tried and tested on various warts and people, and which is 100% guaranteed to work. The remedies are easy to get. But unfortunately it won't be painless. If you really want these things to go, you have to grit your teeth a bit. It's only for a short time.

Basic knowledge: Warts are skin cells that have been infected by a virus and are now constantly growing. It is important that they are eliminated at an early stage. Observed over a longer period of time you can see that in many cases they spread more and more. Then the elimination becomes more and more difficult. Furthermore, some types of corns are nothing more than warts. You should also eliminate corns quickly, because all sorts of them can degenerate over a long period of time. Meanwhile, you also infect other people, for example when you walk around with them in bathing establishments.

If you want to eliminate warts permanently, you have to make sure that you really catch all infected cells down to the last one. Cells are the basis of life and therefore very tough. If only one cell is left alive, a new wart can develop from it. The cells are contagious, so be careful when handling them.

The following procedure should therefore be adhered precisely, especially the time intervals:

  1. Buy a product containing a liquid with acid (salicylic acid, lactic acid) in the drugstore, preferably a bottle with a brush. Examples: Warts Ab, Clabin, EndWarts and much more.

  2. Buy latex gloves, disposable gloves or other tight rubber gloves. Can also be used for dirty housework.

  3. Take a picture of the wart. Best after each of the steps, so that you can monitor the progress.

  4. If the wart is in a somewhat hidden place, make a circle around it with a waterproof felt-tip pen. This will not cause you to lose your location in the next few steps.

  5. Apply a thick layer of wart remedy to the wart and allow to dry. Go 1 mm beyond the visible edge. I know that many sites recommend not to do this. But that is exactly a mistake, because infected cells can escape. It will hurt a bit, but bite your teeth together, this is the only way to solve the problem definitely. That looks like this:

  1. After exactly 1 day (tip: Make a daily repeating calendar entry with reminder in your mobile phone): Put on the latex gloves or alike. If you don't have gloves, use a piece of household paper (no toilet paper, it shouldn't rip apart when it comes into contact with water, test that beforehand) to do the following: Press your fingernail into the edge of the area killed by the wart remedy (as I said, your fingernail is not directly on the wart, you have plastic, rubber or household paper in between) and pull towards the centre. You can also otherwise use a blunt knife or something similar. If it just doesn't work, you can also dab some medicinal alcohol on it or soak it in water. The result is that the dead skin can be removed in one piece. The next layer of skin comes out underneath. This looks like this (don't be shocked):

  1. Go to step 5, but this time only brush within the removed area. Then wash your hands well and clean the area under your fingernails with a small brush. If you want to be even more careful, medicinal alcohol (65% alcohol with 35% water) disinfects very well. By the way: Iodine tincture (iodine dissolved in medical alcohol) is also said to have a virus-killing effect. In my experience, however, this only works in direct contact with the virus. Applied externally on warts it had no significant effect.

  2. Repeat steps 6 and 7. The removal and brushing must be repeated daily without interruption. My tip: Set the time to half an hour before going to sleep. Then you avoid the pain elegantly and there is no weight on the spot. Depending on the thickness of the skin, it can take 2 to 5 days. Finally it can really hurt, we have to go through that. It starts to bleed or a clear liquid fills the crater. That is exactly what we want. We have reached our goal.

Now the cleansing function of the blood or white blood cells comes into play and the dead infected cells are replaced by fresh ones. Allow the blood or clear liquid to dry on the area without removing it. After about half an hour the wound should be covered like any other wound (normal plaster). You will see that the wart will not come back. This is the result after a few weeks:

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