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How To and Life Hacks

Here is a collection of useful life aids, i.e. information that anyone could use somtimes:

  • Extend the life of your glasses resp. spectacle lenses:

  • Pimp my cordless screwdriver:

  • Testing sunglasses for UV protection:

  • Prevent window slamming:

  • Tension bed sheet/blanket correctly:

  • Electric power always and everywhere:

  • Permanently remove warts:

  • Create a secure crypto wallet for free:

  • Solving Ledger Nano S Problems:

  • Count bits in an array, 100x faster:

  • Fixing a remote control:

  • Tips for Chromecast Gen. 4:

  • Rename multiple Files in Windows:

  • Cooling Fan for the Dreambox:

  • Software tips:

Impressum: © Andres Rohr. All topics stem from the author himself. They are not just copied from the internet.

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