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The name Calcuverter stems from the combination of multiple calculators and converters in one. I always wanted to have a simple method to calculate math, dates, times, timespans and do unit conversions. I also missed an efficient currency converter that can calculate current interbank courses, especially all the new cryptocurrencies. I'm not a fan of all these converters where you have to scan over long lists of units, or even first select a category and then opening combo boxes with 100 entries. Why not just type in "34 miles to km", the units are very short, aren't they? Don't waste your precious time anymore. By the way, Calcuverter is my personal kind of tribute to the famous ELIZA program of the year 1966 where you could just chat with an artificial intelligence by typing.

One big advantage of Calcuverter is that all the tabs have the ability to tell you what and where something was not understood in the entered expression. Many third party programs have the habit to just say "Calculation error". That doesn't really help. The Calcuverter does not only tell you exactly where the syntax was incorrect but also at which exact location an overflow occurred.

One more thing is that all the Calcuverter tabs are tightly connected to each other. You can carry over results from one tab to another one by just one click, for example the result of a currency conversion into the currently edited formula in DualTypeCalc™.

The final goodie is that you can configure Calcuverter to act as a silent processor in the background while working in another app. If you check the box 'On Copy' it will read what you copied to the clipboard, process it and display the result in a popup. If you check both 'On Copy' and 'Auto Copy' you can use it as a mass converter. For example say you are in a word processor and you have a text with multiple passages like "60 miles" and "34 miles" in it and your task is to convert that to kilometers you could just go to 'Unit Converter' and enable both boxes. Then each time you copy one of these passages to the clipboard Unit Converter will read it, convert it and put the result back to the clipboard from where you can finally paste it in your document. Only two keystrokes, Copy & Paste, easy peasy. All the 'On Copy' functions react only if none of the modifier keys is held down. You can use this to temporarily copy something else to the clipboard.

The Calcuverter consists of these calculators:


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