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Sometimes you would like to copy multiple names, pathnames, addresses, web URLs or images out of a text or web page and combine them to a new text. For example when you do online shopping you might want to collect multiple similar items first and later analyze the differences. Up to now you would have to press Ctrl-C to copy the first one, switch to the target app and paste it, then go back to the first and repeat that over and over again. Mighty Desktop can help you make this much faster and easier. Just activate the Clipboard Recorder and it will record all your texts and images that you copy to the clipboard and display them in a list.

You then have the option to reuse these items with just one click or open/run pathnames. You can also use the recorded list to compile a document by joining the texts and images together. Especially useful also for joining a series of screenshots into one big document. Before you compile that document you have the option to automatically remove duplicates, remove items manually, change the order or sort them.

Texts can be formatted and joined in various ways. You could join them as a list like "Name1, Name2, Name3", or separated by tabs instead of commas, or as a text with each item on a new line. You could also surround each text automatically by another text using a format string, eg. "Possible buy: {0} $".

The result can be copied to the clipboard as RichText (RTF) or as plain text. So you can transfer it to any text processor you wish.

If you have a list of multiple pathnames or URLs you can let Mighty Desktop start all of those that point to files, folders or web URLs. It will automatically skip all copied texts that do not denote an existing pathname (unless you press [Alt]).

There is also a goodie: If you have some pathnames in the list you can select two of them and activate the merge button. This will start the merge tool you configured in the Settings tab and merge the two files.

Finally you can use Clipboard Recorder as a tool to do something whenever you copy a text into the clipboard when you are in any other application on your system. This way you can extend these application's capabilities. Here is one useful example: Maybe you are browsing on a shopping page of a foreign web shop and you would like to translate the texts into your native language with just pressing a single keystroke. You can do that with Clipboard Recorder by selecting the predefined action 'Translate Text'. You will have to configure the action initially by putting your ISO language codes after ‘sl=' (from language) and ‘tl=' (to language) into ‘Process PathName' of the action.

You can also switch the recording on and off by

  • Pressing RightCtrl-R (see Hotkeys Tab)

  • Selecting the function from the popup menu in the Windows Tray. Hold [Shift] to clear the list of the recorded items at this point.

  • By the Mighty Command

  • By command line.

Multi Clipboard

In the tab Actions is another Mighty Command that lets you copy one of the last 10 recorded items to the clipboard (without being recorded itself). These commands are already preconfigured to the key combinations RightCtrl-0 to RightCtrl-9 in the tab Hotkeys. RightCtrl-1 copies the last one, RightCtrl-2 the second last one aso. This can come in very handy if your task is to edit a document where multiple different text passages have to be inserted at different locations. First switch on the recorder, copy all of your passages, switch the recorder off and finally use RightCtrl-0..9 to select those you need for pasting.


  • If you want to copy an element without the Clipboard Recorder recording it, hold down [Shift] or [Alt] while copying. If [Ctrl][Shift]C is not processed as a copy command by the application, you can also use the copy command in the popup menu with [Shift] held down.


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