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With the Currency Converter (of the Calcuverter tab) you can convert from any currency to any other currency in the world just by typing naturally. For example "10 usd to eur" will do. No need for searching through long lists. Currency Converter also supports all currently used cryptocurrencies. The current exchange rates are downloaded daily from the Atlas Server.

The general properties are described under Calcuverter. Please make sure you have read this page.

  • Appendixes like "m" (milli), "µ" (micro, Alt-0181), "n" (nano), "p" (pico), "k" (kilo), "M" (mega), "G" (giga), "T" (tera), "P" (peta), "X" (exa), "Z" (zeta) , "Y" (yota) , "R" (ronna) or "Q" (quetta) for powers of 10

  • There is a special mass conversion mode implemented. You can enable that Mighty Desktop automatically converts a text each time it is copied to the clipboard. That works globally in Windows, even from within a third party application like a browser. Mighty Desktop will then display the result in a popup.

  • You can chose that the result should be immediately copied to the clipboard. Especially useful in spreadsheet apps. This integrates the full power of Mighty Desktop into third party applications.

  • You have a wide range of options for formatting the result (amount of digits, thousands separators aso.)

  • You will get a warning triangle if an intermediate currency had to be used. This means the initial currency had first to be converted into one or multiple intermediate currencies and then finally to the result. This will make the result a little bit unprecise. You can see the whole chain of conversions.

  • Currencies can also be inserted into the expression by double-clicking in the provided list.

  • You don't have to reformat a foreign country's numbers that don't match your current regional number format, such as when you are on a website. Just change the combo box to the number format of the website.

  • You can swap the direction of the conversion with a single click.

A list with many examples can be found here.


  • A cryptocurrency symbol will automatically be recognized if you write it without '@', under the condition that exactly 1 matches
  • You can switch to Currency Converter quickly by pressing RightCtrl-Y from any other application (see Hotkeys).


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