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Windows has an internal list of `Environment Variables`, which are essentially a list of paths and simple string values stored under a certain name. Program installations sometimes change them but forget to remove them on an uninstall. Mighty Desktop's Environment Set Editor in the 'Windows™ Extensions' tab splits a concatenation of paths automatically in its parts and lets you edit them separately. This allows to easily check them and change file and folder paths.

Environment Set Editor is, like all Atlas apps, fully Drag & Drop enabled: You can add folders just by dropping them into the list or move entries by dragging them around.

Additional functions are available, for example removing paths to folders that don't exist anymore. This helps speeding up your system.

You can also easily add new environment variables which is an extremely useful thing. It allows you to browse for a files and folders in a blink of an eye in any of Windows' browse dialogs. Example: Define your favorite text documents folder as a new variable 'tx'. Now in almost any file dialog box you can just enter "%tx%" and the dialog will navigate there. This will save you a lot of time in the future.

Environment Set Editor is programmed with safety in mind. It detects carefully whether you are in progress to modify or even remove an already existing variable in which case you will be asked to confirm. Adding variables is totally safe, but removing existing ones can break the functioning of the application that added it, or even the system. For power users like system administrators the question can be disabled in the settings. In case of a modification the old value will be logged so it can be restored later if necessary. And there are more checks done before the set is saved.


  • Certain changes require Mighty Desktop to run in Administrator mode. There is a button for this in the 'About' tab.



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