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File Concatenator (of the 'File Center' tab) joins multiple files together without further processing. This works for all unstructured file contents such as text files or those that were produced by File Splitter. The data is joined in the order you specify. You can change the order by dragging and dropping. For each part you can specify how often it should be repeated (so-called "Looping").

For text files there is the possibility to remove subsequent BOM markers. If you would simply join text files that start with a BOM in a binary way you would get multiple BOM markers in the middle of the text. This can surprise some text editors and processing programs and even cause crashes.

Concatenator features a very elaborate analyzer for building the output name. If you have a filename like "Title - Part.01", "Title CD 01" or some other often used name format it will automatically remove the number part and take that as a default. It's the same algorithm as in Multimedia Xpert.


  • This is a pure join of the file's contents. No content analysis whatsoever is done, so it's only suitable for files that were split by a binary file splitting tool like File Splitter. It can't concatenate things like "CD1.mp3" and "CD2.mp3" or videos that were split into fully playable parts with a high level video splitter like our Multimedia Xpert. If you need video and audio concatenations we recommend to do that with Multimedia Xpert. It can split and join probably any video, audio and subtitle file on the planet into playable parts. It supports more than 350 different file formats. As for PDF files there is something on the ToDo list for Mighty Desktop, but not yet implemented.

  • The concatenation is either done instantaneously or, if the resulting file is huge, added as a process to the Queue. The value in the Settings tab determines the threshold size.

  • The concatenation process is not aborted if the app is quit. It will just continue at the same position after Mighty Desktop is restarted. So no harm if a Windows Update reboots the computer.

  • You can also activate the concatenation by selecting the parts in the File Explorer and right-clicking on them.


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