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You can configure which action of Mighty Desktop should be executed anywhere in Windows (even another application) by just pressing a key or key combination. If you have a keyboard with F1..F12 keys this is extremely useful, but you can also assign that the action should be executed at combinations like Ctrl-Shift-C. Since Mighty Desktop distinguishes between the left and right modifier keys [Ctrl] and [Alt] this opens up a wealth of new possibilities. In short, you can do anything you want on the press of a key combination even when in another application (see Mighty Actions). You can find the 'Hotkey' tab in the 'Windows™ Extensions' tab.

These examples are already predefined if you start Mighty Desktop for the first time:

  • RightCtrl-1 will copy the item to the clipboard which was copied last to the clipboard (see Clipboard Recorder)

  • RightCtrl-2 will copy the second last item

  • ......

  • RightCtrl-0 will copy the 10th last item. You can use these key combinations to first copy multiple items to the clipboard, switch over to the receiving app and paste them there in a series without having to switch back and forth between programs.

  • RightCtrl-F will switch to the String Hunter tab and select the 'Find What' box

  • RightCtrl-C will switch to the DualType Calculator™ and select the text in the input box

  • RightShift-M will open the Windows tool 'Character Map'

  • RightShift-S will open the Services control panel

  • and many more.

Another example where the functions RightCtrl-1 can be very useful: In the Calcuverter dialogs. For example if you are in your browser and you see two numbers that have a lot of digits and you would like to know the difference, just make sure that Clipboard Recorder is recording (for example by pressing RightCtrl-R), copy both numbers to the clipboard, press RightCtrl-C to switch to DualType Calculator, press RightCtrl-2 and Ctrl-V to insert the first number, type an operator like " - ", press RightCtrl-1 and Ctrl-V and Enter.


  • Mighty Desktop suppresses the execution of Hotkeys while the Hotkeys tab is the active window in Windows to avoid problems. You must first switch to another tab or activate another application to try them.

  • Hotkeys can only get caught by Mighty Desktop if the third party app is not "eating" (processing) the keys itself. To get around this limitation you can try to assign very rare key combinations, for example Ctrl-Shift-Alt-<Somekey>. Nevertheless there are some apps that eat any combinations. In this case, hotkeys cannot be used directly, you have to switch to another app first.


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