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Many people have wallets with crypto currencies inside on their PC. These should be very well protected or you might lose your money. Here is a list of things you can do to improve the protection of your crypto wallet:

  • Select a seed phrase by a totally random process. A seed phrase consists of about a dozen words. Don't even think of choosing them by yourself. You should use a truly random process to select the words. The more random the process the lower is the probability that a hacker can guess them. The Text Expert tab of Mighty Desktop provides a processing named Pick Random Words to generate a truly random set of words. The mechanism is so flexible that it can select from any kind of word list (most use the English BIP-39 list). Depending on which word list your wallet program or stick supports you can copy and feed the full word list into 'Text' and this function will pick a certain number of words out of it.

  • Just putting the seed phrase unencrypted into a safe or a hidden location is a big risk. It's better to encode the seed phrase with a password that you keep in your head. This way nobody can access the wallet except you. Even if an intruder or family member gets to the content of your safe the wallet will still be safe. One method that can help in this process is Seed Enigma™ which is located in the System Safety Functions tab of Mighty Desktop.

  • To make it impossible for external hackers to duplicate your wallet you can protect your wallets by the File Protector tab of Mighty Desktop:

Simply add such files to the list and set the mode to blocking. Now your files won't be accessible by any processes and you have the full control when to unlock them. To automatically unlock them if you work with your wallet app add the name of the app to the column 'Unprotecting Processes'.

  • If you are copying or moving your wallet file you should make sure that you really get an identical copy or your crypto currency could be lost. Use File Copier in the File Center of Mighty Desktop to copy the wallets and make sure that the verification symbol is activated. This results in a comparison of the destination to the original.

  • After at least 5 years you should consider to refresh the wallet file because stored information on a medium will get weaker each year. 10 years is expected for flash memory (SSDs, USB-Sticks), 5 years for magnetic discs. An easy and unproblematic way is by using the Data Refresher of Mighty Desktop:

  • To check that no malicious processes are running on your PC, you can enable File Monitor of Mighty Desktop and check what files are appearing there in the list:

This may need some more insight in the internals of your computer but if you see your private files getting accessed something shady is going on.


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