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Unit Converter (of the Calcuverter tab) is maybe one of the most comprehensive converters for units you can find on the market. The conversion is done simply by typing, no tedious searching from lists. Each unit is recognized even if written in different flavors, for example in singular, plural or as symbol. The unit of the result is displayed just right of it in all of the flavors, eg. "square meter, m², square meters" (the plural word is not always the same as singular with an appended 's'). This converter uses basic principles of artificial intelligence: If there is a path between two units, Unit Converter will find it.

The general properties are described under Calcuverter. Please make sure you have read this page.

Disclaimer: The conversion functions have been collected and compiled with the most possible precision and care. However, we have to exclude ourselves from any liability for the correctness of the results. Elon, don't try to calculate the mars landing with it [insider joke, (;-)]

Supported conversions:

  • Conversions between nearly all known units, eg. lengths, areas, weights, power, temperature, geometry, radiation, physics, chemistry aso. (see the yellow list on the right). A few of them are case-sensitive but most aren't. Example: "60 mph to kmh". If you omit the "to" part it will convert to the most used other unit.

  • Symbols are understood, for example "1 µm to Å"

  • Square and alike by either "²" or "^2"

  • Language specialties are known, e.g. 'ss' can be written as a substitute for 'ß'

  • Combinations of units like "1 m 80" or 4'2

  • Appendixes like "m" (milli), "µ" (micro, Alt-0181), "n" (nano), "p" (pico), "k" (kilo), "M" (mega), "G" (giga), "T" (tera), "P" (peta), "X" (exa), "Z" (zeta) , "Y" (yota) or "R" (ronna) for powers of 10

  • Prefixes like "milli", "micro", "µ" (Alt-0181), "mega" aso. are recognized

  • TV 16:9 format extents calculation with '65" tv'
  • Number conversions between hex, binary and decimal. Example: "hex C005 to decimal" or "160 to binary'

  • Conversion of " <n>th Academy Award" to the corresponding year number

  • Conversion to Office Automation OLE currency ('oacurrency' -> decimal and vice versa)

  • Byte conversions from kilobytes up to Ronnabytes (2^27)

  • Calculation of a fraction from a floating point number, for example 1.33333333 will display 4/3. 'Desired Decimal Places' controls how precise the fraction should be approximated. If this calculation takes too long press [Stop] and lower the requested number of digits.

  • Includes some rare to find conversions like food additive, old Egypt, biblical, ancient roman and Star Trek™ units

  • For programmers: Cast of unsigned numbers into 32 or 64 bit signed number and vice versa. Example: "0x80004005 to int32"

  • Conversion between the western year number and the one used in Thailand

  • The conversions are done automatically in the appropriate 10-based or 2-based double precision data types (see DualTypeCalc™)

  • Units can also be inserted into the expression by double-clicking in the provided list.

  • You have a wide range of options for formatting the result (amount of digits, thousands separators aso.)

  • You don't have to reformat a foreign country's numbers that don't match your current regional number format, such as when you are on a website. Just change the combo box to the number format of the website.

  • You can swap the direction of the conversion with a single click.

A list with many examples can be found here.

The list of conversions (at the writing of this document about 950) will be extended in the future. The architecture makes it very easy to add new ones. The list is hosted on the Atlas server and new versions will be automatically downloaded to you daily. If a unit is missing we would appreciate if you send us a feedback using the button in the 'About' tab, for example "please add MyNewUnit = 1234.56 * ExistingUnit to the unit list (Wikipedia-Link = ...)".


  • A few units are technically speaking not really units, but approximations. An example is the Mach number. It is depending on the temperature and pressure of the gas.

  • Regional and US English words can be used side by side, with exception of the unit names. If you use Unit Converter expressions in a regional language and switch the application back to US English, the syntax words like "to" are still recognized but the unit names are not. See Localization / Translation.

  • You can switch to Unit Converter quickly by pressing RightCtrl-U from any other application (see Hotkeys).


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