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For example, if you want to add audio tracks or subtitles to a video, Multimedia Xpert allows you to do this in a very simple and fast way. Using the appropriate inputs you can avoid the video or audio file being converted. In this case a lot of data will be added to the file only. This is done very quickly, usually in a few seconds.

Follow these steps:

1. Switch to the Convert tab and drop or add the video or audio file

2. Select the one of the Output Specifications that is most similar to the format of your dropped file. Important: This format must be able to hold the streams you plan to add! If you are not sure you can read this text for videos / for audios to find out. One of the most used formats for videos is Matroska. If you don't find a suitable Output Specification you can create a new one in step 4.

3. Press to switch over to the Output Specifications tab

4. Optionally you can create a new Output Specification by entering its name and pressing

5. Clear the fields Output Video Codec, Output Audio Codec and Output Subtitle Format. This will instruct Multimedia Xpert to leave these streams as they are and not to do any conversion.

6. For Output File Format select the one that can hold your additional streams. There are about 160 file formats supported so it's very likely that you will find it.

7. Push the button Apply

8. Click to get back to Convert

9. Push the button on the right side of your input file. A new window for files to be embedded in the output opens up.

10. Add all your files. You can also just pick out some streams.

11. Press OK

12. Push the Convert button.

Usually it will take only a few seconds to add the streams because no conversion is necessary.

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