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MP4 is currently the most widely used and most compatible video file format. It is also called MPEG-4 or H.264 and has the file extension ".mp4". If your video player has problems playing a video, converting it to MP4 can be the solution. Multimedia Xpert is especially well suited for this task, since it knows practically all existing video and audio formats and can convert them. Here is a step by step guide how to do it:

  1. Switch to the Convert tab

  2. Drag & drop your videos into the grid or use the buttons to add your videos. You can also add audio files in which case you will get a video with a black screen playing the audio.

  3. In the box Output Specification select either "Video H.264 Audio AAC" or "Video H.264 Audio AC3". Both are variants of MP4 and produce a file with the extension ".mp4". AAC supports two channels while AC3 supports up to 6 channels, for example for Dolby Digital 5.1. Both formats are supported by nearly all players.

  4. In general, for all conversions you should use the same video bitrate that the original file has. To do this, click on to the right of the input file and a new window with the properties of the medium will appear. There you should search for "bitrate: nnnn" and enter this number in the Output Specification at Video Bitrate.

  5. If your input video has a color depth greater than 8 bits, you must also ensure that something smaller (preferably 8) is specified in the Pixel Format field of the Output Specification. It should not be left blank, otherwise a file may be sucessfully created, but it will not be playable by some players. To do this, press to the right of the selected output format, and then scroll to the bottom and press the "MPEG-8-bit" button to the right of Pixel Format (Multimedia Xpert version 2.0 or later) or make sure that -pix_fmt yuv420p is specified in the 'Input options' field (prior to version 2.0).

  6. Switch back to the conversion page and start the conversion.



  • How to convert between other color depths than 8 or 10, either up or down, is described here.

  • You can also right click on the video in File Explorer and select "Multimedia Xpert->Convert..."


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