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If you want to modify the subtitles of a video it depends on how the subtitles are embedded in the video. There are two different types of subtitles, the so called hard and soft subtitles. Hard subtitles are added as pixels to the images of the video. These are very difficult to modify. Multimedia Xpert can't help you with these. But if your video has soft subtitles they are embedded into the video file as a separate data stream of type 'subtitle'. A video file is just a container for different data streams. Subtitle streams can be extracted into separate text files of extension "*.srt". Multimedia Xpert is especially well suited for this task because it knows nearly any file format currently in use (about 330). Use these steps to modify soft subtitles:

  1. Extract the subtitle streams following this step for step guide. As a result you will get one subtitle file per stream, usually one for each language.

  2. Now you can modify the subtitles with our subtitle editor in the tab Burn. Load each one, make your modifications and save them.

  3. Now we need to remove the old subtitle streams. Switch to the Convert tab and add your video. Follow this guide to remove the streams without converting the images. This will do it in a short time.

  4. Last step is adding the new subtitle streams to your video. Clear the convert list and add only the output file of step 3. Now add all the subtitle streams you want to put into the video following this guide. Again, this will do it in a short time.

Now you got your video with modified subtitles.

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