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Flexible options

In Multimedia Xpert it's possible to specify what should happen in case the output file is already there, and this for each Output Specification individually. For mass conversions, this is done before the first conversion is even started, saving the user time and nerves. The possibilites:

  • Append Number: Automatically appends an new running number " (n)" at the end. This way you will never get an "already existing" file box. Especially useful for unattended processings.

  • Overwrite: Overwrites without a question. Also useful for unattended processings.

  • Replace Input: Quite unique option. Instead of putting the output in a new filename and later renaming the files manually you can have placed it in the same filename. First it will be written to a temporary file and at the end the files are renamed. You can have the old file either be deleted or renamed to another name (the so called 'Rename Away' pattern in the Settings). If the resulting name is already taken a running number will be appended. The in-place replacement is especially handy if the filename isn't allowed to be changed because other things depend on it (for instance web links).

  • Elsewhere: You can already enter the output pathname at the time of adding the processing to the queue. When the processing in the queue then has to wait for some time, you can turn away to other things. When the processing finally starts there is no question at an inappropriate time that blocks the processing.

  • Skip: Very handy if you want to convert multiple input files and some of the output files are already there in the desired format. You won't have to make the effort to sort out which ones.

If it should still happen that a file exists there is a specially designed dialog that will ask you what to do:

Here you have again the same options as in the specification or you can modify the proposed name. Whether your new name is already taken will be immediately displayed at entering time.


Overwrite Guard

Because multimedia files represent high values, the overwrite management has a built-in guard that protects such files from being overwritten by not letting the user specify a filename that is used in any other operation. Included are also those waiting in the Process Queue. Example:

This system won't allow that valuable files are overwritten by accident.


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