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If you want to remove tracks resp. streams from a video or audio file, Multimedia Xpert allows you to do this in a very simple and fast way. Using the appropriate inputs you can avoid the video or audio file being converted. In this case a lot of data will just be removed from the file only. This is done very quickly, usually in a few seconds.

Follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the Convert tab and drop or add the video or audio file

  2. Select the one of the Output Specifications that is most similar to the format of your dropped file. If you don't find a suitable Output Specification you can create a new one in step 4.

  3. Press to switch over to the Output Specifications tab

  4. Optionally you can create a new Output Specification by entering a name and pressing

  5. Clear the fields Output Video Codec, Output Audio Codec and Output Subtitle Format. This will instruct Multimedia Xpert to leave these streams as they are and not to do any conversion.

  6. Because now the video, audio and/or subtitle streams will be copied without any modification you have to clear all the option fields resp. set them to their default values. Without this a conversion would be required and ffmpeg reports this contradiction with an error message "Filtering and streamcopy cannot be used together".

  7. For Output File Format select the same as the input file has. There are about 160 file formats supported so it's quite sure that you will find it.

  8. Push the button Apply

  9. Click to get back to Convert

  10. Select the output specification in the dropdown Output Specification

  11. At the entry of your file in the grid, open the drop-down box Stream Selection and uncheck the boxes of all the streams that should be removed. There is also the possibilty of a right click on the box to either clear or check all boxes at once. If you want the same selection for multiple media in the list you can use the button below.

  12. Push the Convert button.

Usually it will take only a few seconds to process the file because no conversion is necessary.

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