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Multimedia Xpert can find out which media files are defective:

The operation scans the content of the file for sequences of NULs. This is usually a sign that data was corrupted. This can be a result of a partial download, file system error, aborted write operations, signal distortions or media that is failing (DVDs, flash drives). Usually the corrupted part will be filled with zeros (NULs) and the size will be a multiple of the block size of the media. Most video players will just show a blank screen for this time or simply skip the passage. It can be very frustrating if you started watching and are abruptly stopped somewhere in the middle. This function analyzes how many percent of the video is corrupted. It will also show how long the corrupted parts will be if you play the video. This will help you to know in advance whether it is worth watching or not. You can configure the minimum block size that will be identified as erroneous in the Settings.


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