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You can change some settings that apply to the whole application:



Point with the pointer in the application on one of the fields to see the explanation in the tooltip.

Full Path to FFmpeg: Multimedia Xpert uses the freeware ffmpeg in the background. More info about attaching ffmpeg can be found here.

Fffmpeg Options: These optional arguments will be handed over to every call of FFmpeg at the start if filled

FFmpeg Output Options: These optional arguments will be handed over to every call of FFmpeg just before the output file if filled

Rename Away Pattern: If the 'Overwrite Mode' says that an output file should replace the input, the output will first be put in a temporary file. If finished the input will be renamed using the pattern you specify here. If a file with this name already exists a suffix ' (n)' will be appended. If you leave this box empty the input will just be moved to the trash (where you could still restore it from).

Finishing Sound: You can select a sound of any kind (Windows, MP3 aso.) to be played and also how many times and how loud. Sounds from your Windows installation can be selected by a simple dropbox.

Max. History size: Limit for the number of entries in all the history dropdown boxes in the app

Verbous Log: During a ffmpeg operation the log will show a lot more infos if checked but the processing will be considerably slower. Use this to help solve problems.

Wrap Texts in Datagrids: Normally, long texts in grid cells will only be partially visible and you can scroll them left or right by marking with the pointer. If you switch this on, long texts will use up multiple lines and be made fully visible. This will result in less visible rows. Because of a lack in the .NET Framework you will have to restart the app to see the effect.

Register Explorer-Functions: Registers some of the functions to be used directly in Windows Explorer. Changing the registration will need Administrator rights. A error box will popup if you don't have it. You will have to restart the app first by right clicking on its icon and selecting "Run as Administrator".




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