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This processing can split a video or audio in multiple separately playable parts.


Depending on the encoder that produced the media it can be possible to do this in turbo speed, which is usually more than 10 times quicker (=Turbo Split). It depends on how many so called "keyframes" are embedded in the media. But sometimes you will get blacked out parts with this processing. Just switch off the Turbo option and enter one of the output specifications in this case. This will slow down the processing because the media will have to be reencoded.

Part Sizes: There is an option to make all parts the same size by rounding up or down. You can also choose to let the parts overlap by some seconds which can be useful so sentences are not cut in half. Also, the brain needs some time to get into a film. It's advised to make at least some seconds overlap if you split.

Overlap: You can choose to overlap the parts by some seconds which can be useful so sentences are not cut in half. It's also better because it gives the brain some startup time to get into the film. It's advised to make some seconds overlap if you split.

If you just want to split a media file for transport or upload followed by recombining, and the individual parts don't need to be playable at all, you can do it faster and easier with our other tool Mighty Desktop. To do this, use the File Splitter and File Concatenator in its File Center. This would even have the advantage that one can write to different drives.


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