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You can also use either the Convert Tab or the Turbo Split Tab for removing a part at the start or end of a video in a matter of seconds. This goes also for audio and subtitle files. In most cases they don't have to be recoded which makes these methods extremely quick.

This is how it's done with the Convert Tab:

  1. Select one of the Output Specifications matching the format of your input file or else any other

  2. Press right of it to switch over to the Output Specifications tab

  3. Clear the field Output Video Codec and/or Output Audio Codec. This will instruct Multimedia Xpert to leave the format as is.

  4. Select an Output File Format. Again it's the most efficient if it's the same format as the input.

  5. Enter your desired start and end time of the part you want to keep in the fields Extract Range

  6. Push the button Apply

  7. Click to get back to the Convert tab

  8. Push the Convert button.

These are the steps for extremely fast removal using the Turbo Split Tab:

  1. Drag & Drop your video into the box or select it with the corresponding button

  2. Enter the time of the cut in Part Duration.

  3. Switch the option Try Turbo Speed on

  4. Press the button Split.

  5. When finished you can use the first part and concat the other created parts with the Turbo Concat tab if there is more than one.

The second method may sound overly complicated, but it has the advantage of being extremely fast. In most cases, all of this processing can be completed in a matter of seconds. Compare that to a recoding process, which can easily take dozens of minutes. That's why these operations are called "Turbo Xyz".

Extraction of the audio of a video

The above process can also be used as part of the extraction of an audio passage out of a movie. The only difference is that you select an Output Specification of type Audio.


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