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Multimedia Xpert: Video, audio and subtitle processing you can rely on

What Multimedia Xpert can do for you:

  • Conversion between a massive number of video, audio and subtitle formats. If your player can't play a format, no problem, Multimedia Xpert can fix it. Multimedia Xpert is practically the universal video, audio and subtitle converter. At this time it supports
    • 352 input file formats
    • 172 output file formats
    • 270 video codecs
    • 205 audio codecs
    • 222 pixel formats
    • 26 subtitle formats

and the numbers are constantly growing. What is most important: The algorithms really do work! Here are some frequently used conversions:

Multimedia Xpert is near to be able to convert anything to anything correctly. Another use of conversions is to make file sizes smaller to bring down upload/download times. Also, repairing partially damaged files is possible.

  • Shifting the audio and subtitle streams in relation to the video stream. Sometimes a video player needs too much time for preparing the images in comparison to the sound and you will loose lip synchronization. With this operation you are able to shift the audio. It's possible to shift in both directions, and subtitles in separate streams will be shifted too.
  • Concatenating (joining) multiple videos, audios or subtitles to one big file. If all the input files are of the same format turbo speed is available, which can speed up the joining by a factor of more than 10 (=Turbo Concat or Turbo Join). Subtitles are also joined, in both variants. For common notations like "Xxxxxx CD1" aso. the output filename can be automatically determined. Each part can be repeated more than one time (looping). The input files will be checked to assure that they have compatible stream types (eg. 1 video and 2 audio streams).
  • Splitting of a video, audio or subtitle file in multiple playable parts. Depending on the encoder that produced the media it can be possible to do this in turbo speed, which is usually more than 10 times quicker (=Turbo Split). For the part sizes: There is an option to make them all equal by rounding up or down. You can also choose to overlap the parts by some seconds which can be useful so sentences are not cut in half and let the brain start up.
  • Burning text, subtitles or images into a video. This is commonly used for watermarking videos before uploading to a web service like YouTube. Another appliance is the addition of "hard" subtitles. The texts can be entered manually or just by dropping subtitle files. A spell checker is built in. As file formats the standard SubRip (.srt) format as well as MicroDVD (.sub), Substation Alpha (.ass) and Web Video Text Tracks Format (WebVTT, .vtt) are supported. Many common errors inside these files will automatically be corrected. Subtitle files can also be shifted proportionally (synchronized) and saved, which means Multimedia Xpert is also a Subtitle File Editor. It has also some functions to improve subtitles before burning. The multiline texts can be styled in numerous ways, for example font, fontsize, shadow type, rotation, a colored background, underline, overline and more. There is a nice interactive dialog for combining this and you have the advantage to be able to save multiple sets of them for reapplying them later on. You also have a Find and Replace dialog.
  • Subtitle File Editor: You can load, edit and save the contents of subtitle files including a find and replace function. Subtitles can easily be imported, edited, rearranged by Drag&Drop and saved. The display duration of a subtitle can be automatically calculated from its text. There are many corrections that are performed automatically at load time and some manual improvement functions like shifting of the timing (synchronizing) as well as expanding or compressing the duration are available. There is also a Spell Checker with custom dictionary embedded and a Find & Replace dialog. The editor features unlimited undos and redos even over closing the app.
  • Changing the speed of video or audio files. Nowadays there are many videos on YouTube that have an incorrect speed, eg. 150%. You can convert such a media back to normal speed with just a few clicks. Another usage of this feature is the new trend of Speed Watching where people like to watch videos or listen to audio streams with higher speed than normal to save their precious time.
  • Changing the audio volume of a video or audio. In the web you see a lot of videos with different volume levels. As a viewer you have to change your playing volume many times because the producer didn't pay enough attention to it. This processing can correct such problems.
  • Rotating videos. For example if you held your smartphone in landscape mode while filming you can turn it
  • Output specifications: You can specify the properties of the desired output file and save multiple of these sets. You have full control over the output file (Audio Codec, Video Codec, Subtitle stream, container format aso.). Multimedia Xpert isn't limited to preprogrammed combinations, instead it allows you to combine any codecs with any container format. No need for configuring each process manually repeatedly from the start, just reuse one of the specifications next time. You can easily create variants by duplicating. If you used ffmpeg in a DOS commandline before you can now store your commandlines directly in the app and you can even write them as multiple lines for better readability.
  • Automatic generation of output names. A pattern system allows to automatically derive an output name from the input name, and this specifically for each output specification. You can even let it replace parts automatically, eg. x264 -> x265. Very useful for mass conversions.
  • True GUI for ffmpeg: Multimedia Xpert works in conjunction with the free open source package ffmpeg. Because it doesn't matter which version, Xpert can be extended with new codecs by just downloading a new version of ffmpeg. ffmpeg is available in native 64 bit so it runs very fast. Some programs pretend to be a GUI for ffmpeg but Multimedia Xpert really is. Arguments for ffmpeg can be configured and handed over to ffmpeg at different locations of the commandline. This results in unlimited possibilities. This makes calling ffmpeg in an old fashioned commandline shell completely obsolete.
  • Execution of multiple ffmpeg instances in parallel, managed by a Process Queue window (multitasking). Depending on the processing power of your system you can select how many instances you would like to execute simultaneously. You can change this number during the processing and you can change the order in which they are processed. You have also the possibility to pause processings or lower the priority of the running processes at any time so your system stays responsive at all times. You can select what happens at the end of the processings like
    • playing a sound: You can chose a system sound or even your own music file and tell it how many times to repeat and how loud to play
    • quitting the app
    • logging out the current user
    • suspending the system
    • shutting down the system, either a normal one or a Mighty Shutdown ( Mighty Desktop is another of our tools which can restore your computer's desktop arrangement (running programs, open explorer windows, icon positions aso.) after a boot with zero clicks).
    • Call of any Action of our other tool, Mighty Desktop. The possibilities are thus unlimited.
  • Display of all properties of a video or audio file. This means really all properties including metadata (codec, bitrate, pixel depth, width, height, frame rate, duration, creator program, creator program version, author aso.). This helps deciding whether a file should be converted or not. The output of ffmpeg is postprocessed to improve readability and also to add important infos like the file's size and pixel format.
  • Display of the full output of ffmpeg in a scrollable window. There are many apps producing ffmpeg errors and not telling that it happened or what the error code was. In Multimedia Xpert you can see everything that's happening. In addition, the built-in expert will analyze the error message and explain the reason and suggest a solution. Xpert also displays how much time a process took to complete which can be useful to estimate future processings in advance. You can even restart the same processing with just a single click.
  • Windows Explorer integration: Some functions of Multimedia Xpert can be called from Windows Explorer using a right click. Some useful specialities exist for the Burn operation: If you select an image or subtitle file together with a video file you will get a 'Burn Image' resp. 'Burn Subtitle' menu item. In general the app can also be called from the command line.
  • Scanning for defects in media files and displaying of the damaged percentage in size and also in play time
  • Repair of audio and video files: If the damages are not too big there is a good chance that a file can be repaired
  • Comfortable and safe overwrite management: Firstly it's possible to specify what should happen in case the output file is already there, and this for each output specification individually. Secondly there is a specially designed dialog that will ask what to do. You can modify the proposed name or let it automatically append an new running number " (n)" at the end. Another quite unique option is the in-place replacement. Instead of putting the output in a new filename and later renaming the files manually you can have it placed in the same filename. To do this it will be written to a temporary file and at the end the files are renamed. The old file can either be deleted or renamed to another name (there is the 'Rename Away' pattern in the Settings). If the name is already taken a running number will be appended. There is also a built-in guard that protects files from being overwritten by not letting the user specify a filename that is used in any other operation.
  • Stream protection: Some programs drop streams that are present in the input files. Multimedia Xpert drops neither additional audio nor additional subtitle streams. The streams to process can be selected interactively.
  • Playing of nearly any video or audio file in existence.

  • Automation: After a medium has been processed, external programs can be easily launched:
    • When the queue has completed its last process, any external actions can be invoked, based on Mighty Desktop's enormous variety of capabilities.
    • Produced videos, audios or subtitle files can be sent to an external program for further processing with just one click.

General features

  • Use of the most modern UI technology WPF that adapts flexibly to different screen sizes

  • Widespread Drag & Drop: Dragging files or entire folders onto the app, draging files from one datagrid to another, rearranging grid rows and columns by drag & drop, copying and pasting grid rows to and from other applications, dragging data to other apps, all possible (please note that Windows doesn't let you drag & drop between programs of different privilege levels)

  • The state of the app is almost completely preserved when you close and reopen it. Almost all in- and outputs are preserved. This includes in particular all window sizes, zoom factors, column order and configurations of data grids, undoable operations, content of the protocol panel, content of the Process Queue and much more. Active processings are automatically paused and continued when the app is restarted.

  • Processing of multiple video-, audio- and subtitle files in one step

  • Playing resp. opening of input files as well as output files with a single click

  • Opening of a Windows Explorer window directly on any of the involved files resp. directories

  • Direct switch over to Atlas Subtitler, the best tool for downloading subtitles for videos from web servers

  • Direct call of the powerful functions of Mighty Desktop, another of our versatile tools

  • Dialogs that are sizable and movable and still keep their bounds. All input is remembered, even after closing and restarting the app

  • Multi-monitor awareness: Opened windows that are partially outside the monitor are automatically brought back. This works correctly even if you have multiple monitors of different resolutions joined to one big area. The monitor where the app was started from is the home monitor. Especially useful for presenters, and also when saved window states of another monitor configuration are reused.

  • Extended error handling with good explanations throughout the whole application

  • Robust programming and extended testing for a wealth of system configurations, something you can rely on.

  • Built in automatic program update system. No need for doing it manually.

  • Built in exception sending system (if you agree) that will help fixing problems

  • A lot of tooltips everywhere which make the software intuitively usable and explain goodies

  • Context-sensitive help on the Internet, which is constantly updated

  • Fully language-translatable UI on the user's side without the need for program changes

  • Runs an all Windows versions


  • Windows of any version (tested up to Windows 11 at the time of this text)

  • .NET Framework 4.8 will be automatically downloaded if not present on your machine. It's already preinstalled on newer Windows versions.


As always Atlas Informatik commits to the highest quality standards to provide to you The Atlas Xperience™, a software standard far above average. Details in the link.


Multimedia Xpert is Freemium. In the basic functionality it can be used free of charge by anyone and without time limit, and this will never change. The Premium functionality is enabled during the first 30 days. After that Premium can be reactivated for a decent price in the online shop. The payment process is easy and can be made by PayPal, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether..), Skrill, Revolut, credit cards, post or bank wire. In case of a PayPal payment the license is activated immediately during the payment process.

Just try it out, it's for free


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