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2020-01-23 Multimedia Xpert version 2.0 cannot download data from the Atlas server. The error message "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send" and "Win32 error 10054". You only get that on Windows 7 or older Windows versions.

Analysis: This is a problem of .NET Framework 4.8. With newer versions of Multimedia Xpert, the problem is bypassed and no longer occurs. One could also upgrade the used Windows to Windows version 8 or higher.


The link to download the ffmpeg package leads to nothing

Solution: The link referred to the compilations of the programmer Zeranoe. Unfortunately, he ended his service in september 2020 [info here]. A big thank you to Zeranoe for his years of great work so far! We at Atlas Informatik have always appreciated it very much. Thank you, thank you.

Now you can download the ffmpeg package from SourceForge.
The one for 64-bit Windows is called something like "ffmpeg-N4.4-101785-gdc91b913b6-win64-static", the one for 32-bit has "-win32-" in its name. It's also fully compatible with Multimedia Xpert. The freeware tool 7-Zip is needed to unpack it.

2021-06-10 When trying to run a setup for Multimedia Xpert version 2.2 or higher on Windows 10, sometimes the .NET Framework 4.8 cannot be installed. At the end of the progress bar, a message box appears with the error "A failure occurred attempting to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.". This is just a bug in Microsoft's .NET 4.8 installer. The framework was installed just fine, but it should actually tell you "You need to restart your PC and then restart Multimedia Xpert Setup.". After you did that the Multimedia Xpert Setup sees that the .NET Framework is now installed and runs through without any problems.
2021-08-30 ffmpeg has the bug that in certain cases it does not free memory (memory leak). Since Windows executes the ffmpeg processes in Multimedia Xpert's process space, this can cause an enormous loss of memory when many processing operations are executed in series, and can cause Multimedia Xpert to crash with an 'Out Of Memory' exception. Since there is no more memory, no more logging can be done, and no more message box will be displayed. So if you encounter a crash where nothing is reported at all, this memory leak of ffmpeg is almost always the cause. Fortunately, this happens very rarely, especially then when many errors are displayed. The solution is to do the processing only in tranches and to close Multimedia Xpert in between. One of the advantages of Multimedia Xpert is that it doesn't lose the entries in the Process Queue. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this problem ourselves. However, it may be fixed in future versions of ffmpeg.

Problems with uninstalling in Windows 10: See general support case AS3


If Multimedia Xpert doesn't appear after the installation or you get a message from Microsoft Defender that pretends it contained a virus, this is a so called "False Positive". We have seen this more and more since Windows 10 and up, and also got it from totally harmless products of other vendors too. Seems Microsoft has some work to do and needs to improve their virus scanner. What you can do about it please read here (AS2).

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