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Frequently asked questions and answers about our software:

In which format are the archives encoded?

We use the free opensource software 7-Zip for all our archives:

  • For Windows and Linux: The program can be downloaded here
  • For Mac: The program 7zX can be downloaded here
How does the licensing work?

For a single user license: Every computer has a specific composition of hardware components, and many components have serial numbers. A so-called ComputerId is calculated from these serial numbers. The ComputerId can be displayed in any of our applications in the "About" or "Help" section in the licensing dialog.

A single user license is always valid for exactly one single ComputerId. When purchasing a single computer license, you enter this ComputerId and you will receive a receipt from us with your e-mail address and the ComputerId.

A ComputerId normally hardly ever changes. For example, you can even reinstall your Windows and you will get the same ComputerId. However, if an important component of your computer is replaced, the ComputerId may change. In this case, you can simply send us a mail with your old and your new ComputerId to and we will update our database accordingly.

Some products offer domain licensing. In this case the licensed state is automatically granted if the querying computer has an IP in the variation range of the domain. The license prices are depending on the size of the range that was bought.

How to send a PGP encrypted mail to Atlas Informatik?
Our public key for is available on the public key servers (e.g. or in this file. It can be easily downloaded from Enigmail's key management, or the content of the file can be added via the clipboard. Then you can encrypt the mail with this key. Before using it for the first time, please check that the fingerprint F32A 2BAA E166 6ED8 1334 129A CAFD 02EB 7112 F54B is displayed.
What are Online tables?
All Atlas programs have one or more tables that are sent back from the Atlas server to the program when the license is queried. This useful feature of Atlas software leads to the result that not every little inprovement requires a new version of the software to be compiled and distributed. This helps enormously in reducing the complexity of the entire program system and versioning and also reduces the effort and risks for the customer, which always exist with every update.
What can I do if an application doesn't react on many buttons anymore?
Atlas applications have a self-check function. If an application doesn't contain exactly the same content as at the time of its build, it will begin to stop responding to buttons. Probably the program has been damaged or was hacked by a trojan. You should uninstall it, download it again from the download page and install it again. Then open the license dialog and press the "Refresh" button next to "Current Status". The settings will stay untouched by this procedure.
How can I eradicate all my personal data from a machine?
Atlas apps store all their data according to Microsoft's published standard, which means in the folder "%appdata%\Atlas Informatik\<Product Name>". Some other pieces are located in the Windows Registry. So, to remove all personal data you can first uninstall the app, which also uninstalls the registry data, and then delete the afore mentioned folder manually. The folder is by design never removed by the uninstaller to allow a seamless updating of the app.
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