Atlas Informatics

Software Quality

Atlas Informatics commits 100% to the following quality features in software production:


Characteristic Customer Advantage
Correct source code Less trouble, less support effort

Uniform and well documented source code

Simplifies adaptation and expansion as well as the addition of new developers
Efficiently running
Saves time and thereby costs
Complete coverage of functionality Eliminates interface problems and additional user actions
Structured modular design
Prevents multiple corrections and unintentional side effects
Generated code whereever possible Saves time, prevents programming errors, facilitates changes and extensions
Easy to use Reduces training effort and prevents misunderstandings as well as mishandling
Protected data Prevents company-related damage, be it real or even loss if image
Robustness Less support cases and more flawless data
Automated testing Prevents the reintroduction of program errors into previously correct parts (so-called regression bugs)
Configurable on customer side Avoids a constant back and forth between Atlas and customer, which takes time
Reusability Saves time. Errors need to be eliminated only once.


Advantages for all users of Atlas Software:


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