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Welcome and have fun with Atlas Subtitler!

Answers to sometimes asked questions:

  • If Atlas Subtitler does not appear for a long time after installation, not even on double-click, see here.

  • If Windows pretends that Atlas Subtitler contains a virus, please read about False Alarms here.

  • Please don't miss the practical tips in the Online Help for the corresponding tab (F1 key in the program) or here. Our help pages are different from some other vendors. We don't produce these automated dull help pages but rather easy to read ones and we constantly add a lot of useful tips for the daily work. So, please take a look at them.

What's new in this update:


  • Function "Subtitles->Open Main Subtitles"

  • Button and Function "Movie->Delete last word of 'Title'"

  • Copy dialog: New button to hand files over to Mighty Desktop

  • Copy Progress:

    • Duration is displayed too

    • Explorer button can also show the source

  • Function "Remove Apostrohpes" was improved to "Replace Apostrophes". It doesn't just remove it but replace it to a similar looking character.

  • Function "Settings->Save"


  • Normalize: Double season or episode specifications ("Season 1 S01") will be reduced to a single one

  • You can find out the maximum wrap width of a player by copying the prepared subtitle file called "Measuring the MaxWidth of a" in the app directory. More in 'ReadMe.rtf'.

  • RemoteSubz waits 5 seconds at program launch before it starts

  • The detection of whether a movie has already been seen has been improved. It can now also add seasons for entries in the form "S01-S02" and now also recognizes movie numbers like "1-3" and year differences. In case of an error the entry is in the message.

  • Wrapping subtitles respects new paragraphs that begin with "- " or "— " and also a possible BPH (Break allowed here) character

  • Avoiding .NET exceptions if a string gets formatted

  • Paths written with localized names are recognized as equal to the neutral ones

  • Copy dialog: Drive size of UNC drive can also be displayed


  • Rename to Title: If season or episode is specified in the dialog but not on the files it will append them

  • Log indent is set back on an exception in more cases

  • Installation and Uninstallation. Also detects case of a just renamed user

  • Check of ffmpeg folder moved to Movie Settings dialog

  • Reading ISO DateTime in Arabic culture

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