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Welcome and have fun with Atlas Subtitler!

Answers to sometimes asked questions:

  • If Atlas Subtitler does not appear for a long time after installation, not even on double-click, see here.

  • If Windows pretends that Atlas Subtitler contains a virus, please read about False Alarms here.

  • Please don't miss the practical tips in the Online Help for the corresponding tab (F1 key in the program) or here. Our help pages are different from some other vendors. We don't produce these automated dull help pages but rather easy to read ones and we constantly add a lot of useful tips for the daily work. So, please take a look at them.

What's new in this update:

• New query of SubDL server added. Replaces Subscene which ended its service in 2024-05.
• The bigger 'LanguageList.csv' of with about 103 languages is automatically installed if the old one is found in the app data. No need for a manual update. Improvements:
• Logging very early exceptions
• Language Selection: Better defaults for 'Encoding'
• Exception after updating the language list from
• Removing more temp files in case of an exception
• Invalid culture names in downloaded language lists are reported and skipped
• Updated Digital Certificate Corrections:
• Parsing error in text "OpenSubtitles,..." in US locale
• Compatibility with older Windows than V10
• Setup steps
• FileListUpdater null exception


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