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Atlas Subtitler makes it very easy download and add subtitles to any video. The easiest way to see what it can do is to just watch the demo video of the older version 1.1. Beneath the video, a textual tutorial for the current version delves deeper into the details and describes the newer features too.


At the start the app looks like this (click on an image to zoom):

As a start just drag your video from Windows Explorer into the field File or Folder. The same goes with a directory of multiple video files, eg. a series. The title will automatically be extracted from the name. All common notations are known (resulting from analysis of hundreds of videos) and the result will be good with very high accuracy.

The app provides an extraordinary amount of tooltips that explain unknown things if the mouse hovers a short time over an element. Thus the usage should be pretty intuitive. Additionally there is a small question mark in the right top of each window that will open up directly an explaining web page.

One time only you will have to tell Subtitler which languages you would like to have. They can be set up in the menu item Settings->Languages.

We're already finished. You can now start to search and download subtitles by clicking the button Download. So it takes exactly 2 clicks, nothing more.

Atlas Subtitler knows all relevant servers, i.e. those that offer at least 1000 or more subtitles. Most of them offer millions. Find out more on the Subtitle Servers page.

There are two different approaches how servers identify subtitles to a video. One is by making a Hash code (calculation number) of the video by looking at the start and end of a video file. This is the most preferred way. Sometimes subtitles can't be found this way because there may be subtitles from another rip (extract) of the same video on the server. To find these, a search by title, season, episode and year is needed. With Subtitler this can be done in just one step (recommended).

Please check the log to be sure that the correct subtitles were found. Sometimes there can be discrepancies in the numbering or simply mistakes entered by the users uploading the subtitle files. To suppress this Atlas Subtitler has a special highly effective filtering function, but even this one can fail at some occasions.

If you are not happy with the automatic selection you can check the box Choose from Hand. In this case you will get a list with the found subtitle files where you can choose which one should be downloaded.

Depending on the server you might first get a selection of matching TV show names resp. movie titles. You can recognize that on a green background:

The shows resp. movies are then searched and the subtitles found are displayed for selection:

If you want to have this list only if more than one file per language was found, you can check the box Only if more than one additionally.

The fields Shift Timing by aso. are an integrated version of the dialog to shift timings.

Downloading subtitles for a whole series

First assert that all the videos of the series are in one folder. It's also okay if each part is in a subfolder inside this folder. Then drag and drop the main folder into the field File or Folder.

If you are downloading by title, fill as much info as you have in the fields Title, Season and Year. If you have multiple seasons leave this empty. The download process will examine each file name and try to extract a part in the form "S01E02" or similar (case doesn't matter, leading zeroes are not required). Subtitler knows practically every notation for the season and episode part ever used (by analyzing thousands of files). It can also find information that is present in parent folders. For example, these constellations are also recognized:

    TV Show\S01\E02.mp4 TV Show S01E02.mp4
    TV Show\S01\Title E02.mp4 Title S01E02.mp4
    TV Show\S01E02.mp4  TV Show S01E02.mp4

What could be extracted overwrites the data coming from the dialog. So in the example picture above, subtitles for a series named "Predestination" for season 1 and episode 2 from any year would be searched for.

Character Sets (Encoding)

A decade ago the sublanguage files were specified to have always 'Western' (ANSI 1252) character set (see Wikipedia "srt file"). But in the UNICODE era today this is outdated. Atlas Subtitler features its own built-in logic that automatically determines the character set and converts it to the one specified in the player profile. This is usually UTF-8 with BOM (Unicode 8-bit, with the first few bytes of the file containing some extra info). UTF-8 has the advantage that most video players can handle it. The automatic character set analysis also recognizes the sometimes occurring mix of ANSI and Unicode and corrects them as well. If this heuristic fails, the correct character set can still be set manually via dropdown box. You will have to do this also in case you are using a non-western character set, for example Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese and so forth.

Backup current subtitles

If you have subtitles coming from another server or even such that were included in the original video, you may want to preserve them before downloading new ones. Atlas Subtitler has a button Backup to directly move them into a new subfolder named 'Subtitle Backup'. If files exist with the same name appendix numbers are automatically added.

Preparation of subtitles

If the checkbox Copy to Main is switched on, the best matching language file will automatically be copied to the main subtitle file and processed for the player. More about this here.


For those people who have a NAS, a special video box like Dreambox, VU+ or just a big storage drive, there is a built in Copy/Move process that allows to directly put the video and its subtitles on them. Because this can be a long running process you will see a progress bar and an estimated end time. At the end you can let Subtitler exit, let the pc go to sleep or shut your PC down. The progress is also displayed in the Subtitler's icon in the taskbar. If you want to free up the PC for another task the copy/move operation can also be paused or the process priority can be changed.

How to see the subtitles

To see the downloaded subtitles just press the Play button. Subtitler will automatically hand over the main subtitle file to known players so you won't even have to activate it. If the subtitles are not displayed they must be activated manually in the player. Consult your player's manual how to do this (and send us a feedback (;-)). We recommend VideoLAN Client (VLC) because it's a free and open community solution.

Without being handed over from Subtitler, VLC detects srt files automatically if they have the same filename but a different extension. For example if you have a video named "video.mp4" the most compatible subtitle file is called "". This is called the Main subtitles in Atlas Subtitler. You could also have an additional "" with the language identifier inserted. VLC would also recognize subtitles in a subdirectory named "Subs" but since this is a non standard feature it's not supported in Atlas Subtitler. Inside VLC you can activate one of the found srt files using the menu "Subtitles".

Should you be the owner of a Dreambox or VU+ you can only see subtitles in the Media Player, not in the standard player. Media Player can be started by a function in the Menu or sometimes by pressing the blue button. You can then activate the subtitles by pressing Audio and followed by the yellow button resp. the yellow button twice for older models. But only the main subtitles are supported by these devices, under the entry "1 <unknown> Pure text subtitles".

In case you are using a non-western character set, for example Russian or Thai, you will have to switch the dropdown box Encoding to your language's character set before starting to download. Please remember this tip if you see only scrambled subtitles.

Please note that it is nearly never necessary to burn subtitles graphically into a video, as it would be possible with our other software Multimedia Xpert. Nowadays nearly all of the video players are able to display subtitle files at runtime. But in some rare cases it could still get necessary to burn them. For example you could define a background or change the size of the displayed text.

In folder mode the Play button plays the biggest video found in the folder. So even if you have some samples there they won't interfere.

Tips for using VLC

  • You can stop the opening of its main window on a unsuitable location with an unfitting size by unchecking the checkbox "Resize interface to video size" in the section Interface.

  • You can set your preferred subtitle language priority in the Tools->Preferences dialog in the icon "Subtitles / OSD". The languages are specified as a list of three letter ISO codes separated by comma, eg. "ger,eng". You can carry over the content directly from the corresponding field in subtitler's dialog Language Preferences.

In addition Atlas Subtitler supports viewing videos with FFplay. This program is a part of the free open source package FFmpeg. The user interface may be very simple but it can play nearly any format in existence (about 300 at this time). This is its strength. You can configure it in the Application Settings dialog and then use it to view a video by pressing the Play button holding the [Alt] key down.

Different subtitle formats

There are also other formats for subtitles, e.g. MicroDVD (*.sub), Substation Alpha (*.ass) and Web Video Text Tracks (WebVTT, *.vtt). Atlas Subtitler does not support these directly, but it can read and import these formats. If necessary you can simply rename the extension of a subtitle file to ".srt". Other formats than these are extremely rare and currently not supported. Atlas Subtitler saves the content in the standard SubRip format at each processing.

And each video player is a little bit different in what it can display. For example the Dreambox and VU+ players don't interpret italic and bold tags inside a comment while VLC does. Such differences can be cured by Atlas Subtitler. That allows the file to be displayed without any problems.

Displaying info files

If the video has a textual file like 'ReadMe.txt' beside, or other common filenames (the list is a result of an analysis of thousands of files), a link "Info Files: <n>" will appear just below the file or folder name. If you click on it a list with the filenames will appear and a double click on a file will open it in the default editor for its type. The list requires some time for large directories, so an updating symbol is displayed on the right side of the list during this time.

Viewing infos about a video online

The boxes Title, Season, Episode and Year can be filled and used to query more info about a video on the web. There are three icons right below the file or folder name:

  • Web Search: Searches on the web for the contents of the boxes using the pattern for the web address specified in the Application Settings. The possibility to configure it allows you to use whatever search engine you like, and you could also add some keywords that are important for your search. You can write the year shorter with only one or two digits. If you hold the [Ctrl] key no quotes will be put around the title which will broaden the results of the search engine.

  • TMDB-Search: Searches in 'The Movie Database' (multilingual, including English).

  • OFDB Search: Searches in the german open movie database (results are in German). If you hold the [Ctrl] key it will open the Advanced Search on OFDB (sadly not possible to hand over the title to it).

  • IMDB Search: Searches in the US Internet Movie Database. If you hold the [Ctrl] key it will open the Advanced Search on IMDB (sadly not possible to hand over the title to it).

More options

If you are looking for more options, eg. burn subtitles into the video, convert videos, split them, join them, extract audio from them and much more, we can recommend our other tool called Multimedia Xpert to you. It's the ultimate solution. It can handle more than 250 different video and audio file formats.






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