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Change some settings that apply to the application:


Show warning: If this is checked a log entry will show if a server doesn't support the search by hash code (eg. Podnapisi). You will know this after using Subtitler for a short time, right? So you can click it away.

Always replace dots: If this is checked Subtitler will replace '.' and '_' by blanks immediately when a file or folder is selected in the main dialog. Actually it's nothing more than that the function File->Replace Dots and Underscores by Blanks is executed. You can still undo the replacements by the function File->Undo Last Renames later.

Always normalize season and episode: If this is checked the parts with season and episode numbers will automatically be replaced by the standard notation "S01E02". Actually it's nothing more than that the function File->Normalize Season & Episode Part is executed. You can still undo the replacements by the function File->Undo Last Renames later.

Always remove spam in filenames: Some servers insert their name into a filename, eg. "[ ] ...". If this is checked Subtitler automatically removes all known spam passages. This list was created by analysis of thousands of files and will be updated from the Atlas WebSite at each license check. The rename will take place at each selection of a file in the main dialog (execute the function "File->Remove Spam in Filename"). You can undo the renames by the function "File->Undo Last Renames", even after closing the app.

Always remove apostrophes: If this is checked all apostrophes ' in the file or folder name will be deleted and the file or folder renamed. This is needed for some videoboxes like the Dreambox or VU+. If a filename contains apostrophe characters the rename function fails to rename the file (and even without displaying an error message which is not good programming style). With this function you can let Subtitler check each selected file or folder for apostrophes and remove them immediately. You can easily do without them. You can still undo the replacements by the function File->Undo Last Renames later.

Main Subtitles Profile: Specify for which player the main subtitle file should be prepared if you have checked Copy to Main in the main dialog.

Minimum Sequence Length: Setting for the function File->Scan for Defects.

Text Editor & Arguments: If a subtitle file is to be opened for editing, you can specify here which program is to be used for this. For example, you can directly transfer the file to the Multimedia Xpert Subtitle Editor.

Register right click: Registers a right click entry "Download subtitles" for each known video extension in Windows Explorer so you can directly download subtitles from there. Additionally you will get entries "Shift Timing" and "Prepare" on subtitle files and/or folders. This will need Administrator rights. A dialog box will popup if you don't have them. You will have to restart Atlas Subtitler by right clicking on its icon and selecting "Run as Administrator".

Program Language: Specify the language in which Atlas Subtitler should be displayed. This also changes some of the names of files. A restart of the application will then be necessary. If you are interested in another language and would like to translate it, we would be very happy to support that. Please send us an email and we will send you the data to translate. Your name will then also be placed in the "About" dialog and the ReadMe.




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