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The app can be called from command line (batch files) like this for example:

C:>"Atlas Subtitler.exe" YourFileOrFolder ger,eng

The comma separated language list (ger,eng) is optional. Here you could specify more than 4 languages, other than in the UI. The 3-letter ISO codes can be seen in the Language Settings dialog.

Since version 2 there are also "/ShellOpen Xxxx", "/Shift Xxxx" und "/Prepare Xxxx".

Starting with version 3.5 there is the option "/BiggestVideoInFolder". You can use this option if subtitler is called with a subtitle file or a file of other type accompanying the video as argument. Subtitler then detects that the argument was not a video and searches the directory for video files (without subfolders) and then takes the largest video instead of the specified file as argument.

Every other setting will be the same as in the last interactive run.

Errors will stop the app immediately and return an ERRORLEVEL 1.






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