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Here you can make some settings that are related to the selected movie:


Pattern for Web Search: This pattern will be used as an URL to make a query on any search engine of your choice for the entered title, season, episode and year if you press the web search icon on the main mask (right below the box 'Year'). You can enter the placeholders '{title}', '{season}', '{episode}' and '{year}' where the corresponding texts from the dialog should be inserted. Additional placeholders are '{seasonEpisode}' and '{all}' with joins of the filled boxes, something like "MovieTitle S01E02 (Year)". You can specify your personal magic words here. By default the search by DuckDuckGo is preconfigured because it offers more privacy than Google or Bing.


Seen Movie List

Atlas Subtitler helps you manage a list of all the movies that you have already seen. The list is an unformatted text and alphabetically sorted. Example:

Seen Movies
400 Days (2015)
Chuck S01E02 (2007)
Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

You can tell Subtitler where to put the file and optionally the chapter title where to find the list inside the file. As next line after the chapter title either an empty line or a line filled with '-' or '=' will be expected. You can also let Subtitler create the file for you by first entering something in the 'Chapter title' field and then clicking the 'Create file' button to the right of the file box.

After you set up the seen list in the 'Settings' you can use the functions in the menu 'Movie' to ask whether a movie is already in the list or to add it if not yet. And while you are entering something in the 'Title', 'Season', 'Episode' or 'Year' field an eye icon will appear if you have already seen this movie resp. episode.


Playing Movies

Play options: Options that are passed to the default video player for the selected movie right before the movie's name.

FFmpeg Path: Optional. Complete path to 'ffmpeg.exe', a free open source solution for the conversion and playback of video files. You can simply download it. We recommend the Zeranoe package. The folder is usually named something like 'ffmpeg-4.0.2-win64-static\bin'. For playback of videos an executable named 'ffplay.exe' directly beside is used. Tip: If you want to do more with rare video formats than just playing, please be referred to our brother tool Multimedia Xpert, in our opinion the best on the market today.

FFplay Options: Options that can be handed over to FFplay when it is used to play the video. See its documentation for more info.

Hand over main subtitle file to player: A special start process is used for playing a video. If there is a main subtitle file (same name as the video but '.srt' at the end), the player will be started and this file will be handed over as argument. This is only possible for known players. The list of start commands is downloaded automatically from the Atlas server. If yours is not supported please send us an info by the "Help->Feedback" function.




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