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Simple errors like wrong entry numbers and several others things are confusing some video players. The reaction of the player is almost always the same: They refuse to display them or even crash the system. And usually they will not even display an error message which could give you a hint. Atlas Subtitler knows a lot of these errors and can correct them automatically. This includes renumbering, removing empty entries, correcting invalid time stamps, repairing double, wrong or missing entry numbers, correcting invalid characters in the text aso. You will also immediately see if a subtitle file contains only garbage (yes, it can happen, but only very very rare). Multiple files can automatically be corrected in one run to suit the media player of your choice:

Restrict to Main Subtitles: If this is checked only the main subtitles (files with names like "") will be added to the list below. Language specific subtitles (eg. "") will be removed from the list.

Restrict to those beside Videos: If this is checked only subtitle files that have their video beside them
will be added to the list below. Standalone files will be removed from the list.

Subtitle Files: List of files that have to be processed. Drag & Drop files and folders from Windows Explorer here. You can use the buttons on the right to add multiple files or folders. If a folder is selected non subtitle files will just be ignored. Only files with the extension '.srt' are accepted but if its content is in MicroDVD-Format (.sub), Substation Alpha-Format (.ass) or Web VideoText Tracks-Format (WebVTT, .vtt) it can also be read. Subtitle files in a folder named "Subtitle Backup" are excluded automatically. The reason can be found in the backup functionality described below.

Encoding: The encoding of the file's content can explicitly be specified for the case that the automatic detection (selection to "Auto Detect") fails.

Player Profile: The properties of a player can be specified by choosing a Player Profile. This is especially useful if you have more than one player in use.

Shift Timing: If one of the fields is not empty the subtitles will be shifted by the given amount. The values for the boxes are the same as in the Shift dialog if in the mode 'By entering time differences'. The values from there can also be inserted directly by clicking on the arrow on the right. The eraser clears both fields.

Create Backup if changed: Check this if you are not sure whether the preparation will be good. If something was changed the original file will be copied into a subfolder "Subtitle Backup" (it will be created if not already there). If there is already a file with the same name, a number " (n)" will be added at the end. You can use the [Restore Backups] button to restore the backups later on.

Ignore Read-Only Flags: Usually all Atlas Informatics applications are very strict with respecting this filesystem flag. They won't neither modify nor delete such files because in the end the user wants it so (most 3rd party apps are not so precise). Switch this on if you are sure that these flags have no meaning in this special case here.

Restore Backups: If a backup is found for a subtitle file, the one with the highest number (newest) will be restored and replace the subtitle file.

Trash Backups: Collects all backups of the subtitle files in the list and moves them into the trash
in one step. You can undo it in Windows Explorer if necessary.

Edit: Opens the selected (or if only one is in the list this) file in the default text editor. The same happens if you doubleclick a file name. Depending on the PC configuration you will have to assign an editor for the extension .srt in Windows. We recommend Notepad++.

Explore: Opens the folder of the selected (or if only one is in the list this) subtitle file in Windows Explorer

Play: Plays the video that will take the selected (or if only one is in the list this) subtitle file if it can be found in your assigned video player.


Automatic preparation

If the checkbox Copy to Main on the main dialog is checked and a new sutitle file is downloaded, the file with the best matching language will be copied to the main subtitle file and also prepared at this occasion. Which player profile is used for this process can be selected in the Application Settings dialog.





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