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RemoteSubz™ is a technology specially invented for Atlas Subtitler. You can download and shift/synchronize subtitle files by just renaming files. This simple technique allows to do subtitle operations on any remote device in existence, including various video boxes like the Dreambox, VU+ and also on TVs as well as Macintosh and Linux computers. Subtitler can be used by users of any non-Windows operating system as long as they have at least one Windows based machine in their network. You can control most of the functions of Atlas Subtitler while sitting comfortably in front of any kind of device that has a drive with videos. You can even get a screenshot of the PC to see what's happening there or shut it down from the distance.

You can see the RemoteSubz status at any time on the right top of the main window and change its settings by the menu function "Settings->RemoteSubz™...". The settings can also be opened by control-doubleclicking the status.

You can either drag & drop a folder into the grid or just click on the button on the right side. The specified folders (including subfolders) will be constantly watched by Subtitler for renames. If you insert a prefix like "HL " (two capital letters and exactly one blank) at the start of a file or folder name, Subtitler will remove the prefix, rename the file back and perform the corresponding operation. The log of the operation will be appended to a file "Atlas Subtitler.log" beside the renamed file or folder.

Tip: You can exclude subfolders from the scan by adding the subfolders to this list and unchecking the 'Enabled' checkbox. This may speed up the check process considerably.

Enabled: Can be used to either deactivate the whole RemoteSubz or just each remote folder individually. You can also deactivate the scanning of this folder on the remote location by placing a file with the name "RemoteSubz off" in the folder. Additionally this file can be placed in any of the subfolders to stop checking them.

Show Help File: This textual help file shows all the commands that can be executed remotely. The button displays it in the currently selected editor for plain text.

Folder: This folder and its entire contents are checked for renames constantly. You can also specify network share names and IPs, eg. "\\Server\Share\Folder" or "\Folder".

Player Profile: The player profile for preparation of main subtitles.

Delay: Without a delay the network would be completly filled with queries from Subtitler. So between every query of a file a short wait is done. The units of this number is ticks (0.1 µs). Default is 10000. Make this bigger if your remote drive reacts slowly or you experience non-responsiveness of your network connection. You will have to wait a little bit longer until a reaction on a command will happen.

Max Log Width: The text of each logged line will be wrapped if it exceeds this width. This ensures that it can be read on video boxes that have no horizontal scrolling capability. For the Dreambox/VU+ 68 is recommended. Leave empty to not wrap.

Put Status File: A file named 'RemoteSubz is <status>.txt' will be put in the folder every minute.

Play Sound: At the end of a remotely initiated operation a sound will be played. If you have the PC in listening distance you will immediately hear when the operation is finished.

Seen Movies Folder: When the RemoteSubz command is executed to move a movie to the seen movies folder, it will be moved to this folder.

Output Specification: See chapter below.

Copy Helpfile: If you select one row you can copy a textual help file with all the remote commands to the folder.

Explore: If you select one row you can open a Windows Explorer windows on the folder.

A list of the supported commands that can be executed remotely: RemoteSubz™ Remote Help

Please keep in mind that while RemoteSubz™ is activated, a device could be prevented from entering the energy saving mode. On many devices, however, filename queries are buffered, which allows a hard disk to still go into energy saving mode.

RemoteSubz™ has a special management for drives that are powered down. If it loses the connection to such a drive it will display an error message in the log and wait 1 Minute to probe it again. If the drive is up again this will be logged and the scan for renames will continue.

An instruction for how to use Atlas Subtitler in conjunction with the Dreambox or VU+ you can find here.

To use Atlas Subtitler with a Dreambox or VU+ you need the Samba plugin. This allows a Windows PC connected via network to access the files on the drive built into the box. More here.

Conversion of Videos via RemoteSubz™

In case your video is not compatible with the video player, you can have Multimedia Xpert convert a single movie or all movies within a folder to another format using the "CV " command. To do this, the name of an existing specification in MMX must be entered in the 'Output specification' column in the list. RemoteSubz then calls MMX with this command:

Convert <File> Spec <Output Specification> Subtitles:No Overwrite:AppendNumber /Videos /Quiet

Any subtitle streams within the movie are therefore not transferred and if a movie already exists at the destination, a sequence number " (2)" or similar is appended.


  • If you hold [Shift] while launching Atlas Subtitler, RemoteSubz will be suppressed during the run of this instance but it will not change the activation status in general.





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