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The properties of a video player can be specified in a so called "player profile". The processing can then just be specified by choosing one of the player profiles. A profile can specify the following things:

  • Remove Passages in .. Brackets: Passages in square or round brackets are intended for hearing impaired people. Not impaired people are only disturbed with subtitles like "[telephone ringing]". They can be removed by just ticking a checkbox.
  • Remove Font Tags: Embedded font directives may be good for players like VLC but simple players like the Dreambox GStreamer Plugin or VU+ can't understand them and do just display them as text. They can be removed too by just one click.

  • Remove Bold and Italic Tags: The same as for embedded fonts go for bold and italic directives (<b> and <i>). Simple players can't process them, some can only process them at the start and at the end of the subtitle. The problem can be fixed easily now by ticking a checkbox.

  • Convert German Notation to Swiss: Some notations used in the german language are translated to swiss: The sharp 'ß' will be replaced by "ss" and numbers like "10.000,50" will be translated to "10'000.50". The numbers are only translated if they are recognized as that, which means, they must stand there as a separate word or enclosed by currency characters (eg. "10,50€").

  • Replace HTML: Sometimes the text contains characters in the format used for HTML. For example '&' can be written as "&amp;" because the text was copied from a HTML page. Subtitler can convert them back to their originals.

  • Remove Music Symbols: Removes the character that looks like a musical note from the text everywhere.

  • Remove "{\an8}" Tags: Sometimes there is such a notation inside, which can only be processed by a few players.

  • Encoding: The encoding of the output can be changed to suit the player (UTF-8 is the most compatible one though)

  • Maximum Text Width: Each player has a different maximum width of the subtitles. The downloaded ones usually have between 40 and 50 as width, but it can be sometimes more. Older Dreambox/VU+ versions could can handle max. 41 characters, newer ones can up to 70. After that it wraps for itself, which can lead to lines with only one or two words. This can end up as more than 4 lines, and some text can disappear at the bottom. To avoid this Subtitler can wrap the lines anew. Lines starting with "- " or "- " (other speaker) are always kept on a new line.

    To find out the maximum width of a player, you can copy the prepared subtitle file called "Measuring the MaxWidth of a" in the app directory beside any movie, make the name the same as the movie's name and play the movie with subtitles. You can then see exactly where the player breaks. You can then enter this number in the field above. If the box isn't filled nothing will be changed.





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