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Download and add Subtitles to multiple Videos

Atlas Subtitler is a Windows program for automatically downloading and adding the best subtitles to videos resp. movies. With just 2 clicks it's done. This makes it very easy to download subtitles in any language for a single or a whole series of videos and then to watch them.

It supports Drag&Drop and can even shift (synchronize) subtitles in a part of the video. It can also adjust to different shifting distances at the start and at the end.

Another feature is the fully automated improvement of the subtitles which let them fit perfectly to a certain video player. Because Subtitler downloads the files from all relevant servers you will nearly always find subtitles in your language.

Why subtitles?

  • You can watch movies with the real voices of the actors, not just always the same ones
  • You can listen to the real emotions of world class actors, not just those of third class ones
  • You can watch a series right after it was released and not years later
  • You can watch a movie, season or episode that wasn't even dubbed at all
  • You can learn a foreign language in a simple way
  • They help if the actors speak unclear, too fast or the audio is generally of low quality
  • As a help for hearing impaired people.


  • Record holder: Download with just 2 clicks
  • A revolutionary technology named RemoteSubz™ extends any device of any operating system (video boxes, TVs, linux pcs, macs aso.) to have functions to download and shift/synchronize subtitle files. No addon or plugin is needed. The only precondition is to have a Windows based PC or Notebook with access to the files in the network.
  • Processing of multiple videos resp. series at once
  • Drag & Drop of files or entire folders onto the app
  • Highly sophisticated algorithm to extract the video title, season, episode and year of a file or folder name automatically. Very near to a human.
  • The Ultimate Downloader: Querying of all servers and this in one run. This results in a very high success rate. For English it's near to 100%. If there are subtitles to your video, Atlas Subtitler will find them.
  • Automatic selection process to find the best resp. most matching subtitle files. It's also possible to manually select from a list.
  • Synchronization of the subtitles with the spoken words (shifting of the timing). It can be done either in a part of the video or in the whole. Shift can be proportional to compensate drifts. Shift can be done interactively for one file, for all downloaded files or later on for multiple files. There are two different ways to easily find the correct shifting distances.
  • Preparation of subtitle files to make them play without difficulty by the video player of your choice. Preparation can also be done for multiple files at once.
  • Either automatic detection or manual handling of the different character sets used in the wealth of the existing subtitle files. Automatic conversion to any desired encoding for better compatibility with the different players. As a unique feature a character set mix is recognized and repaired.
  • Support for about 125 languages. The list can be updated from the biggest server OpenSubtitles. This allows additional languages also to be processed in the future.
  • Special functions and support for video players that can only handle one subtitle file (eg. Dreambox, VU+)
  • Single click backup operation of existing subtitle files
  • Playing of videos of any format including subtitles with one click. Atlas Subtitler can play possibly any existing video format since you can either play them with your favorite player or alternatively with FFplay. The latter is an ffmpeg based player which can decode a huge number of formats.
  • Works also seamlessly with eastern subtitles, eg. Russian, Thai, Chinese aso.
  • Copying videos and its subtitles or the whole folder to another location having a last used directory list (history). End time will be calculated. Option to quit the app, suspend or shutdown the pc at the end. Multiple copy operations can be performed in the background giving you the freedom to download at the same time. Process priority is selectable. Special designed dialog with display of file length if an overwrite condition is detected. Display of the free space of the destination drive and warning if not enough before even started.
  • Moving videos and its subtitles or the whole folder to another location. Space is preserved by deleting a file immediately after copying (different than Windows Explorer).
  • Display of info files that are laying beside the video by a click
  • Opening of a new Explorer window directly which highlights the video or directory
  • Opening subtitle files for editing with a single click
  • Adaptive Download Control: Subtitle servers can limit the speed of download queries and react with blockades. Atlas Subtitler has a many parameters that can be interactively adjusted to each individual server.
  • Full compatibility with Linux and Unix file systems (upper- and lowercase characters)
  • Dialogs which are sizable and movable and still keep their bounds. All input is remembered even if the application is closed.
  • Highly robust programming. Extended error handling throughout the whole application (the file systems and websites are a little bit unpredictable).
  • Extended testing for several different configurations.
  • Built in automatic program update system
  • Built in bug sending system
  • A lot of tooltips as well as context sensitive help
  • Runs on all Windows versions (tested up to Windows 11 at the time of writing)


As always Atlas Informatik commits to high quality standards to provide the The Atlas Xperience™, a standard far above average.


Atlas Subtitler is Freemium. In the basic functionality it can be used free of charge by anyone and without time limit. The full functionality is enabled during the first 30 days. If you like it, you can activate a premium license for a very low price in the online shop. The payment process is very easy and can be made by PayPal, crypto coins, Skrill, Revolut, credit cards or bank wire. In case of an online payment the premium status is activated immediately.

Basic License: Free of costs
Premium License: USD 6.99 (EUR 6.16, CHF 6.99) a year


Future extension / Crowd Funding

Atlas Subtitler is a little bit of a crowd funding project. If you like Atlas Subtitler please think about sponsoring a small amount of money to keep the development alive. I hope you understand that the hosting and maintaining of the server and the web site alone can not be financed with such a small price. If there is enough money coming in, the development of Atlas Subtitler will be extended. More subtitle servers could be queried which would help to find more videos and language versions. Also, the name to title conversion could be made user configurable and more specific processings for different NAS and TV boxes other than Dreambox, VU+ could be added. Donations can be made via this link here: Donate

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