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If Atlas Subtitler doesn't start up after you made an update you can either try again the next day (the Atlas server will be requeried) or do the following:

1. Open a Windows Explorer window and enter this in the address field: %appdata%\Atlas Informatik\Atlas Subtitler
2. Delete the files TempBuffer.tmp and LanguageList.csv.


If Atlas Subtitler 3.0 or 3.1 Setup crashes at the end of the setup process do the following:

1. Go to the control panel 'Programs and Features', press [F5] and uninstall it, if it is in the list
2. Download the latest setup and run it.

If the deinstallation or installation fails, please read AS6.


Timeout at queries from Podnapsi: The server of seems to have been equipped with IP locks a few weeks before this day. This means that the server determines the origin of the IP, and locks out certain locations. The effect is that you get a timeout message after a long time. The solution is to use a VPN solution like CyberGhost, ZenMate, Tor aso. So it's not the fault of Atlas Subtitler nor is it a change in the interface of Podnapisi. Personally, I find it very unfortunate that the net neutrality is increasingly being diminished by such actions.

04/05/20 Currently, the OpenSubtitles server requires a login for subtitle requests. Without login you get the cryptic error message "response contains struct value with missing non-optional member: token". You can solve this by registering on and entering the name/password in the subtitler in the menu under Settings->Login Parameters…. Starting with Subtitler version 3.5 this is detected and replaced by a user friendly feedback.

If you get an exception like "745; 155; 804; 692 is not a valid value for Int32." after switching the format in the 'Region' control panel of Windows you can make a backup of the file 'user.config' in the folder "%appdata%\..\Local\Atlas_Informatik\Atlas_Subtitler.exe_StrongName_nztxojug3kiv4lgdv4fcn2dn3bmharn2\" or similar, open it with a text editor, search for all "Bounds" and replace in the respective passage "<value>" to "</value>" all ';' by ',' or vice versa. This bug is corrected in Subtitler Versions 3.6 and above.

05/25/21 Especially for Atlas Subtitler Setup 3.5: Windows warns that this exe could be dangerous. Due to an incredible delay of over 4 months by the previous issuer of our software certificate, the certificate of Subtitler V3.5 could not be renewed in time. We had to change the company. To reassure you: There is nothing wrong with this setup, no virus, no attack by hackers. You can just ignore the warning from Windows. In the meantime this version has been replaced by V3.6 anyway.

Problems with uninstalling in Windows 10: See general support case AS3


If Atlas Subtitler doesn't appear after the installation or you get a message from Microsoft Defender that pretends it contained a virus, this is a so called "False Positive". We have seen this more and more since Windows 10 and up, and also got it from totally harmless products of other vendors too. Seems Microsoft has some work to do and needs to improve their virus scanner. What you can do about it read here (AS2).


If Atlas Subtitler 5.0 crashes during startup: There is a known issue that V5.0 can't load the list of languages that was downloaded from The other one of works, but not the one from To solve this problem:

1) Enter "%appdata%\Atlas Informatik\Atlas Subtitler" in File Explorer address field and press Enter

2) Delete the file "LanguageList.csv".

3) Start Atlas Subtitler. It will copy the one from its application folder over, and this one works fine for sure.

From V5.1 and higher this problem is fixed.


If you have a problem sucessfully starting Atlas Subtitler, you can try to make a totally fresh install and later take over the old settings like this:

1) Uninstall the current Atlas Subtitler installation in Windows 'Programs and Features'. To be absolutely sure it's better to restart your computer after that. None of your personal settings will be harmed by this.

2) Enter "%appdata%\Atlas Informatik" in File Explorer address field and press Enter. You will see multiple folders there. Rename the folder "Atlas Subtitler" to something else.

3) Enter "%localappdata%\Atlas_Informatik" in File Explorer address field (here it has an underscore). Rename "Atlas_Subtitler.exe_StrongName_nztxojug3kiv4lgdv4fcn2dn3bmharn2" or similar, the one starting with "Atlas_Subtitler.exe", to something else.

4) Install the newest Atlas Subtitler. At the end Subtitler should start like the first time ever installed.

To get back your old settings you can try this, but don't delete the source folders, just copy them over and try:

5) Copy over from inside the formerly renamed folder from step 3) the one that has the highest version number.

6) Copy over the formerly renamed folder from step 2). Note that if you have V5.0 the file "LanguageList.csv" should be deleted (see support case ST8 above).

If you get problems again after finishing step 6, you can repeat step 5) with an older version number. In this case Subtitler will automatically upgrade the settings from any older version number to the current one.


More problem solving answers can be found in the General Support Area

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