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"Simply a BIT better"

Atlas Informatics was founded in August 2005 by a senior software engineer, holder of a certificate of the highest grade, the swiss federal university of technology (ETH Zurich). Previously he had worked for 15 years in the software business. The goal is to produce software which is easy and intuitively to use, has intelligence of its own, is visually convincing and works efficiently and flawlessly. The motto is: "Software, that follows your thinking ". The current trend of new software that tries to compensate complex problems with yet more complexity which leads to even more unstable systems should be diminished and reduced to simpler proportions. Software should simply work and not always disturb with updates over and over again.

For the programming task only the best and newest development environment is used. For project management and architecture only the newest methods will be used. The produced applications feature an experience way over the average.

Atlas Informatik

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Andres Rohr
Certified Informatics Engineer / Dipl. Ing. Informatik ETH

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