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Welcome and have fun with Mighty Desktop!

Answers to sometimes asked questions:

  • If Mighty Desktop does not appear for a long time after installation or Windows , not even on double-click, see here.

  • If Windows pretends that Mighty Desktop contains a virus, please read about False Alarms here.

  • Please don't miss the practical tips in the Online Help for the corresponding tab (F1 key in the program) or here. Our help pages are different from some other vendors. We don't produce these automated dull help pages but rather easy to read ones and we constantly add a lot of useful tips for the daily work. So, please take a look at them.

Last improvements:

  • Spell Checking:
    • Global on/off removed. The implementation of the .NET Framework was too slow in case of long texts. It delayed the whole input process and made the app nearly unusable. Now Spell Checking is activated in each box seperately if needed by the function in the right-click menu.
    • Custom words can now be added to a custom lexicon. This list is persistent and commonly used from all Atlas apps. There is one lexicon per language.
  • Backup:
    • New button "Add Folder->Folder"
    • New button "Duplicate". The button "+ Row" now simply appends an empty row.
  • Currency Converter: All existing powers of ten are read from Atlas server and are supported (eg. also "da")
  • Dictionary Merge: Can now also merge WPF custom word dictionaries for the Spell Checker.
  • Drag & Drop now possible from tab to tab: If pointed to the header of another tab during the dragging, the program switches to this tab
  • Dual Type Calc: All existing powers of ten are read from Atlas server and are supported (eg. also "µ" and "da")
  • Tab 'Process Functions' where you can let Mighty Desktop execute an action as soon as a program is getting idle
  • Folder Analyzer: Generate Listing has a new option "List folder only if not empty"
  • File Copier:
    • New button 'Remove' at each row
    • New button 'Merge' in the overwrite dialog
  • File Monitor:
    • Shows a warning if too many events queue up
    • Clear panel button stops the waiting grid update tasks too
  • File Scanner:
    • New scan type for calculating the CRC-32 hash
    • New buttons to copy one file over the other
  • File Stamper: The buttons for picking a file time accept now also the drop of a file or folder
  • Process List tab: Button for showing the file properties
  • Quick Items: Button for resetting the invocation count
  • Start Process Command: New field 'If not running'
  • String Hunter:
    • Found items can now be started like double-clicked by Alt-double-clicking the icon
    • New button 'Merge' for merging the selected two files
  • Text Expert: New processing "Hex To Western ASCII"
  • Unit Converter:
    • Copy button can also copy with unit
    • All existing powers of ten are read from Atlas server and are supported (eg. also "µ" and "da")
    • Orders of magnitude like "Milli", "Tera" aso. can now all be combined with each unit name, for example "Terameter" aso. Such combinations are not in the list on the right anymore but only the basic units and all the magnitude words.
  • When calling from command line you can now also change the action arguments at several commands
  • File Explorer menu:
    • New item "Eject" to eject the selected drives
  • File Renamer: Button for carrying the find string to the replace string
  • Hotkeys: Right-Ctrl-P activates 'Installed Programs' tab
  • Number postfixes "R" (Ronna) and "Q" (Quetta) are supported
  • Tray Icon Menu: New menu 'Action' to start actions directly
  • Trigger type "Once after Boot"
  • Argument "TrashEmpty" resp. the File Explorer function of the same name can now also trash all empty folders inside into depth
  • Function "Mighty Desktop->List Folder" on a folder in File Explorer
  • On a drop multiple pathnames are concatented by " + "



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