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Current Version: 4.3

(Version 4.4 in progress)


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Download Atlas Subtitler

Atlas Subtitler is available as a Setup.exe for Windows on an x86 version which means both 32 and 64 bit platforms are supported. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 to run. It will automatically be downloaded if not yet installed. It is tested up and including Windows 11.

Atlas Subtitler incorporates an automatic update system. You won't have to check manually for a new version. If one is ready you will be asked automatically if you want to download. The download will take place in the background. After finishing you will be asked again whether you want to install it. You can deny and do it manually if you wish. The setup will remain in your usual 'Download' folder inside your 'Documents' folder and will also not be deleted after the installation.

Atlas Subtitler is Freemium. We would be glad if you mail it also to your friends if you like it. Since it is smaller than 5 MB it can be attached to a mail without any problems.

Current Version is 4.3



Download Atlas Subtitler 4.3 Setup (~6 MB)


Archive that contains always the latest version:

Download Atlas Subtitler 7-Zip Archive (~6 MB)


Tips for the installation

Version History

A list of all the improvements and corrections can be found here.


Buy License (single year and time-unlimited available)

Many thanks to all of the managers of the software archives that have included Atlas Subtitler into their websites:

Older Versions (version older than 3.0 are outdated and not recommended anymore):


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