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Economical Toner Level Test Page

This is a single A4 page for testing the level of toner in each of the cartridges of printers that have 4 cartridges Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K) (I guess most laser printers and many inkjet printers). The printed rectangles are small enough not to waste toner resp. ink but big enough to determine whether the level is low.


1. Download this file
2. Open and print it
3. Check the colors by comparing them to the image on the monitor. If the color is bleached out the corresponding toner cartridge is getting empty and should be replaced. Note that after about 20'000 pages it can also be the drum below the cartridge that must be replaced. You can find out how many pages were printed in total in the full report page of your printer (consult its manual how to get that page).

Eject 2.2 Command Line Tool

[This is not working anymore in newer Windows version. A modern version is now embedded in our software Mighty Desktop.]

This command line tool allows you to quickly eject USB sticks and CDs / DVDs. It is intended for experts and batchfiles. It is a further development of a GNU freeware and contains source code in the form of a Visual Studio 2005 solution.

Start Fix für Halo 2 auf Windows 7

This batchfile allows you to start the Game 'Halo 2' from Microsoft under Windows 7. If you double click on Halo 2, you will only get the message

"The LIVE game on Windows could not be initialized, because another application for the LIVE game on Windows (such as a dedicated HALO 2 server) may be running on the same computer. Otherwise, the problem may be solved by reinstalling the game."


1. Save this batch file to the halo directory
2. Make a link on the desktop
3. Check the link in the properties "Run as Administrator".

>>>Freeware for Macintosh<<<


  • Translation of the song Güggu of the music group Züri West into german:
  • BREXIT: DER FILM: German subtitles for the movie "BREXIT: THE MOVIE":
  • Regex-Overview: Help for using Regular Expressions:
  • Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver SK-BTI-018 Manual as PDF: We can not recommend this device for HiFi appliance on a constant power source, but for car and train applications it is maybe a good device. The product quality looks good. Drawbacks are the medium sound quality and automatic switch off if the input is silent after a few minutes, even if the device is supplied with power. The manual is nowhere to be found on the web, so we scanned it for you.
  • Floor Lamp BlitzWill BWL-FL-0001 User Manual as PDF : Great dimmable floor lamp with multiple color tones and remote control. But be warned that the remote control is not by infrared but by radio on the same frequency than some wireless headphones (at least AKG). If they are switched on the remote control of the lamp stops working. But if you have none of these headphones it's a very good buy. Since I didn't find the manual online, here is the scanned version (only English):
  • Prostormer 8582D 2-in-1 Soldering Station with Hot Air Gun, English User Manual as PDF: We did not find the exact manual that was inside the package anywhere online. But it has some useful operation tips on page 5 and following, so it was worth scanning and publishing:
  • Bear Tea Maker ZCQ-A10X1, English User Manual as PDF: A pretty and functional device. We did not find the manual that was inside the package written in Chinese anywhere online. But it has some useful operation tips inside, so it was worth scanning it, translating it to English and also improving the translation: PDF Download
    If you need just the pure text for a translation in another language or doing a search: TXT Download

Freemium Windows Software

Atlas Subtitler Download subtitles in any language to your videos with just 2 clicks
Multimedia Xpert Convert, split, join videos, audios and subtitle files. Burn subtitles or images into a video. Edit subtitle files.
Mighty Desktop Boost your Windows desktop: 1000 functions that make working with Windows so much easier.

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